Cocky Brian Cocks tells you all about the universe

                             Hello everyone, my name is Brian Cocks
             and I live at Abbey Leys Farm. Since the HLCO was built in
2014, I have been learning a lot about astronomy and being very cocky I
think I know a lot about space and the stars, so I am going to give you some
basic information about astronomy on my web pages!

     If you like my web pages, you could always come and visit me on
                  the farm or I could show you around the observatory.
Hello everyone,

My name is Brian Cocks and Iím here to help young (and old) humans to learn about astronomy.

My team of feathered friends have been helping me to build nest-eggs of information, so click/cluck on an egg to visit my learning pages.

At the moment I am very busy telling the farmer and the animals what to do so my web pages will appear in a while.
I am an egghead so I will be telling you all about -

The Earth
The Solar system
The Milky Way
Our Galaxy
Beyond our Galaxy